Thursday, May 6, 2010

It's like a new pair of shoes!

That's right, roll: has done it again, by teaming up with Felt Bicycles to offer our customers an unrivaled experience in product selection and knowledge. The difference? You have options. Whether you like them or not, they are there, and that's where we come in. With companies like Felt, Giant, Niner, and Electra- we have the opportunity to offer you an unparalleled and varied product selection, while still maintaining your favorite roll experiences such as our roll:perfect fit program and customer service priorities.

Back to Felt, just like your son's new girlfriend - or the new girl at work, you wanna know the background story. Where do they come from? What's there deal? Hey, it's human nature to question, so let me make this easy for you.

Felt is the last name of the founder, who would rather go by "Jim". Jim made a name for himself as a highly qualified mechanic for Honda, Kawasaki, Yamaha, and Suzuki. During his prime, he helped Johnny O'Mara (a motocross SUPER star) build his first triathalon frame, as he began cycling to increase his core strength and stability. I'm sure neither of them knew O'Mara would go on to win the California State Championship Time Trial that following year. From there, Jim went on to work for Easton Sports as a product engineer. His first big project was to create a frame for Easton sponsored, Paula Newby Fraser. This project lead to the birth of the B2, which Paula road to her 4th Kona Ironman that year.

"Felt’s reputation as a guy who understands how to go fast was sealed. Working with Easton, Felt would go on to build bikes for duathlon’s winningest athlete, Ken Souza, mountain bike legend John Tomac, and Ironman strongman Wolfgang Dietrich. Any bike builder on the planet would kill to have such a collection of athletes on their resume"

Think about it, to have your name on a bicycle, you have to have faith in your product. Just imagine. We believe Felt offers a unique experience to our customers and correlates very well with the foundations of roll: As a staff, we are stoked to offer this to all of you! Come in and chat with us!