Thursday, February 25, 2010

Yay Bike Women's Forum Meeting!

"Women in the United States bike far less than men; we represent a huge potential area of growth for bicycling. To tap this potential, Yay Bikes! will host four conversational forums for women cyclists and wanna-be cyclists in 2010. At these events we’ll gather data on what cycling means to us, how we experience cycling in Columbus, and what our vision is for cycling in this city. This information will be used to develop a women’s cycling agenda with specific outcomes to be pursued in 2011." (Source:

What does this mean for us, ladies? It is simply an experienced organization recognizing our potential to impact the cycling community. Together, we can work together to form ideas on how to improve our cycling experiences in Columbus, on all fronts. I encourage you to come out and support the organization, offer your insights, and get involved. I will be in attendance as well and look forward to meeting you, hearing your thoughts, and seeing where we can go from here.

JOIN US- THIS SUNDAY, Feb 28, 2-5p

Monday, February 15, 2010

Join Us:

More cushin' for the pushin'

Hello again ladies,

We may be headed towards another Ice Age quicker than expected, but there have been plenty of you in the shop recently, keeping the faith of an approaching spring. As you come in to work with us, we love answering your questions, but there are some things you would rather not ask. No worries, we've been there :) So, this post will consist of efforts to alleviate saddle discomfort, a small chip off the ol' block if you will. Amen sister! There are options!

It's true, we all have wider hips, (not to mention significantly greater brain mass and second-to-none multitasking ability)... ok, ok, well you catch my drift. Most of you know what I am talking about - that pain after 30 miles that creeps up on you like Patrick Swayze in Ghost, leaves you pumping out of your saddle for 20 minutes, or sometimes is the reason for the Nascar-like pit stops after a couple hours (Go Danika!) just to get off your bike and stretch, but more importantly, that discomfort, which like the Energizer bunny, keeps going and going, for the duration of your ride, AND a few days to follow. So, what do we do? Try understanding more of what you should do, compare, and then make slight changes to get more comfortable. Brace yourself, it could be a long process..

Every woman is different (ALL PERFECT), but there are many women out there with narrower hip bones. To determine where your sit bones are, sit on a low curb. When you pop'a'squat on the curb, you will be able to feel your sit bones. This is what you want supported by your bike saddle.. no more, no less. With a saddle that's too narrow, a lady can find herself effectively straddling it with her hip bones, or slipping off of one side and pinching nerves, which may eventually cause the legs or feet to go numb. A saddle that's too wide will also cause problems. Also, stay away from saddles that have gel padding as tall as the Eiffel Tower. Gel is not necessarily the best for road saddles, as they are designed for different sorts of riding. Finding a saddle with slightly wider dimensions than your sit bones are typically received the best.

When is comes to orienting the saddle, some women prefer to lower the nose of the saddle just slightly to relieve pressure from the area of soft tissue. Be careful not to lower the nose too much, as this may lead to shifting more weight to the front of the bike, which increases pressure on your wrists and arms, causing a potential for lower lumbar pain, and upper body numbness. However, most commonly you will find saddles in a position almost level with the ground. Make a few changes and dial this in, as it really comes down to preference.

Terry, as mentioned previously, is a pioneer in women's bikes and saddles, and has made several different saddles over the years. Their Butterfly saddles are of the most acclaimed. Terry has a 30 day money back guarantee, so you can actually try a saddle on real rides, risk free. They are producing a large variety of saddles now for both men and women, with and without gel, in a variety of widths. If you're in the market for a saddle, come on in, and we will help with this problem with a simple goal in mind- to get you comfortable, and riding more!

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As always, if you have any questions, or need any clarification...