Thursday, December 2, 2010

Honey, if you love me...

Holidays are here ladies! Let's face it, you've already put the time into shopping- that's the draining part, sifting through piles of picked through clothing, scouring for sizes, let alone shopping for your nonexistent brother-in-law that you know more about from facebook status updates. So, this Holiday season, wrap something up a little special for yourself, stick it under the tree, and blame it on that bearded guy who eats all of your cookies. Hey, you can't argue with the ol' Saint Nicholas option, right? Especially, not in front of the kids.

Check out these great options at roll:, from big to small, comfortable to fast, and great to even better. Let us help relieve that holiday hooplah this year, so you have at least something to look forward to! Below are a few of my favorite items this year!

--- Ok, I know... a little obvious, but HEY.. go big, or go home. This will be a HUGE part in your New Year's Resolution.. Trust me :)Plus, the bike is AMAZING.. Totally loaded, PLUS $100 bucks off.. Come on roll:, what's the catch? Now only $2899!?!

The Garmin Edge 800.. seriously? A computer sent from heaven.. finally an affordable, touch screen, navigational goddess.. Aside from the goods itself, you get the software from Garmin allowing you to track, record, and set personal goals. Seriously? Do I need to say it again? The computer comes with heart rate and cadence and can project mapping information in both a 2D standard view, but also as a new bird's eye- all for only $649.

Alright, so.. maybe you're not so into riding right now. The days are longer, daylight is shorter, but regardless, it is COLD. roll: has partnered with lole to provide the women of our community a unique shopping experience, unconditional support, and a multitude of styles and fashions. Check out this multifunctional coat that will have ya ready for a day of snowshoeing, boarding or skiing in this full-zip, light down (75% down/25% feathers), hooded jacket. It’s a beautiful blend of style and substance in a breathable, waterproof Recycled Light Poly (100% recycled polyester from post-consumer plastic bottles) fabric and lined with our flexible ultra-down insulant. Retails for $200, buy 2 or more pieces of lole product and save %20!

Regardless of what you've been told, it's more than ok to accessorize :)

Go ahead, blame it on S.A.D (Seasonal Affective Disorder)

This sporty, spunky hooded top is the perfect running mate to take the chill out of a run around the park in the fall or to layer under a ski jacket for a schuss down the slopes. Crafted from a polyester blend, this ultra-stretchy fabric for stay-dry, odor-free warmth. The zippered sleeve pocket is a handy place to keep your keys or store your iPod and the handy hand gaiters keep your fingers toasty warm. $80 bucks a pop. Seriously? It's basically sneaking to a spot under your tree. Go ahead, get one in every color. It's a common condition, you're not alone.

Regardless, stop in our stores.. try everything on, and feel free to vent about the traffic, your long day, and even just get some help in looking for that guy in your life who is difficult to shop for. We understand, and we're here for you :)