Thursday, December 2, 2010

Honey, if you love me...

Holidays are here ladies! Let's face it, you've already put the time into shopping- that's the draining part, sifting through piles of picked through clothing, scouring for sizes, let alone shopping for your nonexistent brother-in-law that you know more about from facebook status updates. So, this Holiday season, wrap something up a little special for yourself, stick it under the tree, and blame it on that bearded guy who eats all of your cookies. Hey, you can't argue with the ol' Saint Nicholas option, right? Especially, not in front of the kids.

Check out these great options at roll:, from big to small, comfortable to fast, and great to even better. Let us help relieve that holiday hooplah this year, so you have at least something to look forward to! Below are a few of my favorite items this year!

--- Ok, I know... a little obvious, but HEY.. go big, or go home. This will be a HUGE part in your New Year's Resolution.. Trust me :)Plus, the bike is AMAZING.. Totally loaded, PLUS $100 bucks off.. Come on roll:, what's the catch? Now only $2899!?!

The Garmin Edge 800.. seriously? A computer sent from heaven.. finally an affordable, touch screen, navigational goddess.. Aside from the goods itself, you get the software from Garmin allowing you to track, record, and set personal goals. Seriously? Do I need to say it again? The computer comes with heart rate and cadence and can project mapping information in both a 2D standard view, but also as a new bird's eye- all for only $649.

Alright, so.. maybe you're not so into riding right now. The days are longer, daylight is shorter, but regardless, it is COLD. roll: has partnered with lole to provide the women of our community a unique shopping experience, unconditional support, and a multitude of styles and fashions. Check out this multifunctional coat that will have ya ready for a day of snowshoeing, boarding or skiing in this full-zip, light down (75% down/25% feathers), hooded jacket. It’s a beautiful blend of style and substance in a breathable, waterproof Recycled Light Poly (100% recycled polyester from post-consumer plastic bottles) fabric and lined with our flexible ultra-down insulant. Retails for $200, buy 2 or more pieces of lole product and save %20!

Regardless of what you've been told, it's more than ok to accessorize :)

Go ahead, blame it on S.A.D (Seasonal Affective Disorder)

This sporty, spunky hooded top is the perfect running mate to take the chill out of a run around the park in the fall or to layer under a ski jacket for a schuss down the slopes. Crafted from a polyester blend, this ultra-stretchy fabric for stay-dry, odor-free warmth. The zippered sleeve pocket is a handy place to keep your keys or store your iPod and the handy hand gaiters keep your fingers toasty warm. $80 bucks a pop. Seriously? It's basically sneaking to a spot under your tree. Go ahead, get one in every color. It's a common condition, you're not alone.

Regardless, stop in our stores.. try everything on, and feel free to vent about the traffic, your long day, and even just get some help in looking for that guy in your life who is difficult to shop for. We understand, and we're here for you :)

Sunday, October 10, 2010

And We're Back!

Miss us? It's been far too long, but hey who can blame us with a great fall shaping up and Oprah's final season in our midst?! Regardless, we have been BUSY. Last week, we welcomed Jackie Baker, Giant's Women's Retailer Trainer into our stores for our first Giant for Women Clinic this season. Check this out, Jackie grew up riding horses in Ohio, but has been riding and racing mountain bikes since moving to the Rocky Mountains in 1997. She's raced cross country, spent several years racing downhill as a pro, can hold her own on a road bike, and has even dabbled in track and BMX racing. Before joining the Giant team, Jackie was a coach for Bikeskills, and focused on helping women feel more confident on their road and mountain bikes. Jackie's visit was extremely successful and offered ladies a great opportunity to ask questions, learn great riding technique, and walk away with friendships and a sense of the women's community that we are establishing! Thanks to all of you who came to share and contribute to this experience, we will definetly look into incorporating more clinics similar to this! Anything you didn't learn or need some help with particularly? Shoot us an email @! We would love to hear from you!!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A Beginner's Challenge..

So, you got a bike? Now what? Whether it's your first time on your 'new ride' or not, there's always a little more out there. That's the first thing to make note of. The possibilities and opportunities to find yourself amongst a group of individuals with the same interests and goals is one of the most intimidating and challenging parts of getting out there and becoming comfortable. So, let me introduce a few local organizations and chapters that may just be the avenue you're looking for to acquire your ultimate experience.

Columbus Outdoor Pursuits (COP), is a volunteer based organization that aims to prepare and educate individuals for in outdoor recreation around the area. This group of individuals provide some of the greatest group rides and guided tours in the area. They commonly host rides to Der Dutchmen and find themselves the Big Brother of all of our riding newbies. So, once you decide to break away from the bike path, look up one of their SEVERAL weekly rides and get out there. Check out their website at


Maybe you have heard of them? Talk about a true motivational tool. Push yourself to the limits and get inspired as you meet indivduals with more than a story to tell. Team In Training is a program that helps to support athletes to accomplish their goals, anywhere from a half-marathon, 100 mile bike ride, or a hike through the Grand Canyon. You can do it all? Ready for the cherry on top? Reach your goals, but exceed them. Find yourself among people touched by Leukemia and Lymphoma, as you race for a cure and raise money and awareness. As for cycling, become involved in a program that goes to Lake Tahoe annually. Ride through the abundant, captivating evergreens and around the crystal clear blue waters as you see hundreds of riders from all parts of the country supporting the same cause. Local chapters are forming, inquire about meeting a coach, go to an information session, and find yourself in an amazing adeventure a year from now.

As a second year event, this little guy takes the cake as it has rejuvenated cycling in Columbus on SO many levels. Pelotonia is a grassroots event hosted annually to raise awareness and money for the mission in ending our battles against cancer; all types, all kinds. As a new event to the area, it is exhillarating to see the ambition and determination among so many of our customers. Kudos to you all! In addition, if you have any interest in riding or volunteering, simply visit!

Coolest part? Let roll: support you in all adventures. Mention your affiliation and save 10% on all accessories within our stores. After all, we like to know you're riding your bike. Love it, Give it a name.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

My Choice is Sram

If you knew me, you would constantly hear me comparing Sram to Shimano and giving my personal opinion on the benefits of Sram in the road biking world, specifically for women. So why do I love Sram so much? It’s fairly simple, they lead the industry in: ergonomics or comfort, simplicity, performance, weight and price.

So first let us examine the ergonomics or the shape and comfort of the Sram shifters. The most recognizable comfort fact that the Sram shifters have to offer is their smaller and more form fitting hoods. The hoods feel particularly comfortable in comparison to Shimano for those with smaller hands, which would include, we the women of the biking world. In fact, the original design of the Sram shifter was designed specifically for smaller handed people. Also if you have ever ridden with Ultegra or Dura-Ace, you will notice the bulky nature of the shifters. A particular nuisance for me comes with the placement of my middle finger under the levers. It tends to kill me after a long ride or a race. The Shimano shifters are extremely rigid and have hard edges that cause chaffing and sometimes even small scratches to my oh-so sensitive hands.

Next, and still in the shifter category includes Sram’s reach adjust feature. This allows any rider to customize their and brake and shift levers. This is especially important to we female riders because, as we know, the bike industry is male dominated, especially in the performance category. This means most of the industry cater their products toward the male clientele, but not my friends at Sram. They thought of us, they know our hand reach is shorter and our fingers, not quite as long, and so they have given us the ability to make an adjustment to accommodate our needs. Thank you Sram, for your kindness.

Moving onto simplicity. Most of what makes Sram simple and even more comfortable is their patented DoubleTap system. Sram has separated itself by leaving the two lever system behind, eliminating the problems of engagement that come from having a brake and shifting lever combined. If you are riding with Shimano and on a tough climb, you will notice a natural tendency to rock your brake lever inward in which case you are unable to upshift. With the DoubleTap shifting system, the upshift is a quick rapid tap motion while the downshift on the same lever is a longer but elegant sweeping motion in the same direction. It is also easily accessible from your hoods or your drops and on those climbs I referred to earlier or in a sprint, it allows you to pull against the levers without sacrificing the upshift. Some days, I think Sram has thought of everything.

As you can see, performance, comfort and simplicity at times overlap, but there are a couple performance specifications that stand out, for example, the zero-loss function. This refers to the zero-loss of movement when you push on the lever for an upshift or a down shift. At this moment, the cable is immediately engaged and no movement is lost. In between a shift on many other systems, there is an annoying middle ground when your chain is trying to switch places on your rear cassette or on your front chain rings. However, with Sram gear changes are instant and precise. I will say that this may sacrifice a bit of smoothness but the benefit of a clear shift outweighs that minor downfall, and you will be a believer like me after you put a few miles on the Sram system. The other performance option that has to be addressed is what Sram calls the “Exact Actuation” technology. This refers to the 1:1 actuation ratio (shifter cable travel : derailleur movement). Exact Actuation simplifies and stabilizes the balancing act of the rear derailleur hang design, the tight cog spacing, and the exact cable tension, causing for a simple index shifting system that stays precise.

The weight and price are two that we can group together for 1. the reason that there is not a lot to say and 2. this article is probably getting overwhelmingly long for the reader. Essentially Sram components have carbon levers vs. alloy and every piece of the group set is lighter than the equivalent Shimano system. Sram is cheaper, simple as that. It costs hundreds of dollars less than Shimano and gives you excellent performance. The only problem is that Shimano group sets are currently coming on most complete bikes. I am a political person in my private life, and if there were an issue that I wanted you to fight for, I would tell you to call your Senators and other public officials. In this case, I say, call your favorite bike manufacturers and tell them that you want the option of Sram on their complete bikes. Let’s all help each other out on this one.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

roll: Princess

If you have ever been into our shop, you have either heard, smelled, or worked with Heidi Shilling. It's true, she has been around since the beginning and adds to the heaping dinner helping of personality to the roll: crew. Heidi has been racing and in the shops longer than even Dante can remember! Along with her fire red hair, comes a whiff of excitement, passion, and commitment to the sport and people that surround her. She races in the Expert class, and is a great addition to the COMBO Race Team powered by roll:! Heidi will begin contributing to our women's blog about the experiences she has! Yay!

Contributed by Heidi Shilling:

There has been a storm in my mind for over a year now. Last year I showed up to Mohican mentally and physically unprepared. I did everything wrong before the race including replacing a 9 speed chain with a 10 speed chain. After missing the podium by a few minutes, I promised myself that this year would be different. I have been training smart and steadily improving. My race season so far has gone well. I felt confident but nervous. Anything can happen in a race this long.

I arrived at the hotel the night before to watch my teammates in a full on pre-race frenzy. Last minute bike repairs, tire changes, tube patching, talk of strategy, beer drinking, burping, farting, blah, blah blah, bru ha, ha, testosterone fest. I just put my number plate on and lubed my chain. That's all, I was ready to roll:. Much to my surprise I fell fast asleep that night. I dreamed that I was riding under a waterfall. When I woke up the rain was coming down in sheets. It fell for hours and stopped right before the 7am start.

The race begins, I'm redlining from the start, just short of heart attack. My goal is to beat as many riders as I can into the woods. I hit the trail and get immediately stuck behind a crowd going nowhere fast. The trail is squishy. slick, messy, suck all of your energy MUD. No surprise, this was going to be an epic sufferfest. I weeble I wooble but I don't fall down, except for the steep downhill,I slide sideways down and bust my 2 month old scab open AGAIN! We quickly enter the State Forest and I hear someone yell, "way to go girls". Girls? Who is behind me? It's Bridget Donovan. She chases me all the way to the first aid station. I blow through it. I finally get to my favorite part of the trail. Even wet and slick it still has flow and is super fast. I felt good. I began to pass rider after rider. I felt great. Then came the shocking inner thigh cramps. I could hardly keep the pedals turning. I was worried, this was too early for cramps. Then I came upon the dreaded hike a bike. It seemed like an eternity climbing up that hill. One foot in front of the other, my heart pounding out of my head, death march. Finally at the top, I experience more mud, cramps, and rain. I'm no roadie but I can't wait to hit the road! Down some crazy water bars, raging river crossing, up a suck your shoe off climb and finally road, sweet road! Wait a minute how could I forget? Some of these road climbs are killers. I can't get to Aid Station 2 fast enough.

I finally arrive at that little oasis and see my happy teammate, Jeremy. I think I might have growled at him, Sorry Jeremy! I refueled and hit the trail in less than a minute. It's all a little bit blurry from here. I went back and forth with a group of guys. They would pass me on the road I would pass them on the trail. I hit the Wilderness Trail with a sense of urgency. I know this trail, I have done a few solos on it. I pick off a few more riders. They tell me the leader is just a few minutes ahead! This thought fills my head. I forget about the cramps, rain, mud, and bike that no longer wants to shift. My goal was to bridge the gap, she beat me by 45 minutes last year. Now I'm close...real close! This thought carries me to Aid Station 3.

When I arrive my teammate, Gary, whisks my bike away while I get my water bottle filled and grab a PB&J with my muddy paws. I'm off riding on a bike that is fully functioning!!! I'm sore and tired but down right giddy bursting at the seams with happiness. Thirteen miles to go, more climbs, cramps, rain, mud, raging stream crossing and long stretches of road. Pedal dammit, this is it! I hit the last 6 miles with a renewed sense of energy. Not in my body, but in my mind. The thunder rolls across the sky, I laugh! The sky opens up and dumps. I'm in the waterfall of my dream, riding downstream. My brake pads are gone, there is so much mud in my eyes, I can barely see. This is one wild ride. I come off of the trail into the campground. This is it! I blow through the last water crossing, it covers most of my bike. Somehow I make it through. Just a little more! Hello Finish! Hello pint glass!!! Oh, Happy Day!

All in all, an Epic race, just so happens to be one of my best! Second Place ! My Teammates did well too. Jake got 3rd in the 100k singlespeed. Jon almost beat his time from last year despite the conditions. Trent tore it up and finished with a fast time. Greg, Jeff, and Tom endured the elements and finished strong. Pat and Jayson rode their hearts out and last but not least Jeremy finished 100 miles on a rigid singlespeed! Go COMBO Race Team! Red Dragons!!!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Ladie's MTB Clinic!! (ANOTHER CHANCE!)

Hey Ladies-
Unfortunately, the ride was rained out last weekend. The good thing? The clinic has been rescheduled! The NEW details are below, take note, and be there!

WHAT? MVMBA Ladies 2nd Annual MTB Clinic
WHERE? John Bryan State Park
WHEN? June 19th 10a-5p (Sign in starts at 9a)

Need registered? Hop onto and get everything taken care of!
Questions? Give our shops a call!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

It's like a new pair of shoes!

That's right, roll: has done it again, by teaming up with Felt Bicycles to offer our customers an unrivaled experience in product selection and knowledge. The difference? You have options. Whether you like them or not, they are there, and that's where we come in. With companies like Felt, Giant, Niner, and Electra- we have the opportunity to offer you an unparalleled and varied product selection, while still maintaining your favorite roll experiences such as our roll:perfect fit program and customer service priorities.

Back to Felt, just like your son's new girlfriend - or the new girl at work, you wanna know the background story. Where do they come from? What's there deal? Hey, it's human nature to question, so let me make this easy for you.

Felt is the last name of the founder, who would rather go by "Jim". Jim made a name for himself as a highly qualified mechanic for Honda, Kawasaki, Yamaha, and Suzuki. During his prime, he helped Johnny O'Mara (a motocross SUPER star) build his first triathalon frame, as he began cycling to increase his core strength and stability. I'm sure neither of them knew O'Mara would go on to win the California State Championship Time Trial that following year. From there, Jim went on to work for Easton Sports as a product engineer. His first big project was to create a frame for Easton sponsored, Paula Newby Fraser. This project lead to the birth of the B2, which Paula road to her 4th Kona Ironman that year.

"Felt’s reputation as a guy who understands how to go fast was sealed. Working with Easton, Felt would go on to build bikes for duathlon’s winningest athlete, Ken Souza, mountain bike legend John Tomac, and Ironman strongman Wolfgang Dietrich. Any bike builder on the planet would kill to have such a collection of athletes on their resume"

Think about it, to have your name on a bicycle, you have to have faith in your product. Just imagine. We believe Felt offers a unique experience to our customers and correlates very well with the foundations of roll: As a staff, we are stoked to offer this to all of you! Come in and chat with us!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

NEW Google Attempt!

Yes, they've done it again. Google now introduces an ability to map out your bike rides from Point A to Point B. Interesting, eh? Even better, they color coordinate the routes based on their congestion and safety rating. They also allow you to provide feedback on the directions and accessibility after riding them. Interested? Check it out at

Sure, it may not be perfect.. but it does beat some of the other programs and mapping tools, and offers a good effort at making commuting a little more do-able! Have any other programs that are just great for trip planning? Let us know!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

New and ELECTRA-fying rides at roll:

Introducing our new line of specialty bicycles- Electra, a perfect fit for our family, as we see for yours.

The company hails out of Vista, California and was founded in 1993 By Benno Bänziger and Jeano Erforth. Bänziger was raised in the Swiss Embassy in East Berlin and grew fascinated with California and action sports. When he was a teenager, he began designing and manufacturing snowboards in Germany. Bänziger moved to California after graduating with a degree in graphic design, founded his own firm, Projekt Design, in 1990 and began working for companies such as K2 and Adidas. He had originally planned to start manufacturing snowboards or skateboards, but found that those markets were dense with competition, it was then when his attention shifted his attention to bicycles, Wooo Hooo!

Bänziger told the San Diego Union-Tribune, “The one thing I found when I looked at cycling in the US was that everything was some kind of sport, but very few people used bikes for fun or for transportation. I wanted to introduce the ‘having a bike in your life’ factor, as opposed to ‘being a cyclist.'"

In 2003, the company introduced a major new design: the Townie. This bike’s superb innovation was what the company calls “Flat Foot Technology,” now more widely known as the 'crank forward' design. When the rider is sitting on the saddle, his or her feet can still stand flat on the ground, which feels safer and more comfortable for some riders. The design also allows riders to get full extension when they pedal, which is crucial in comfort. The design combines aspects of the cruiser frame with some of the geometry of recumbent bikes, moving the pedals forward and the keeping the saddle back.

Yes, that's right- Miley Cyrus rides an Electra :) Come in and check them out!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Our Big Wheels are HERE!

Finally! Giant releases details on the New Women's 29er- The Rainier 29er. Check it out up close @! Looks Awesome Ladies! Looks like we will see them on the trails soon! Keep checking back for updates!

Keep the Date!

Monday, March 8, 2010

2010 Collections: In Stores NOW!

We've got new apparel in the shops geared to keep you comfortable this spring! Most of you agree, roll: carries apparel for women that is multifunctional, yet classy. Check out our new Lole and Prana line-up and let us know what you think.. we're pretty sure you are all going to love it.

Getting ready for Pelotonia this summer? That's great.. come in and let us help you suit up! We've got the 2010 spring collection from Pearl Izumi and Mavic turning heads! Not only will you receive unparalleled service and selection, but 10% of every purchase will be contributed to your Pelotonia fundraising account! So, whether it's tubes, tires, accessories, apparel, or a new road bike... let us help you reach your goals!

Seriously, don't think it could get any better? Well it just might.. sign up for a monthly contest from Lole @ for a chance to win a $250 shopping credit, but also you can learn about their product and mission!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Allies are here!

The Avail Alliances are here, and in stock! The sun is going to come out this weekend! Perfect time for a test ride!So, what is it behind the Giant Alliance frames? Setting the standard for frame technology isn't easy, but Giant has contributed unparalleled effort to offer a frame that surpasses any comparable carbon/aluminum blend. The lightness of aluminum with the stiffness and vibration-damping qualities of carbon for one sweet road rocket. Secondary to ride quality comes an unbelievable price point ($1399) - unbelievable for the frame technology, CXP22 wheels, and redeveloped Shimano Tiagra Compact and grouppo... You could be out on the road weaving in between the lines, feeling the sun on you back and wind in your hair before you know it! Seriously ladies, if you're in the market for a road bike, you must consider the 2010 Giant Avail Alliance. You will love it.

1. Composite upper structure reduces weight and damps vibrations for superior comfort on every ride.
2. Virtually seamless frame junctions increase strength and offer a flawless finish.
3. Alliance aluminum sections feature radical butting to minimize weight and maximize stiffness and strength.
4. The unique composite insert co-molded inside the aluminum seat tube offers outstanding vibration absorption for the ultimate ride.
5. Aluminum sub-structure delivers unyielding lateral stiffness for highly efficient power transfer.

Give us a call, we will have one ready for you!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Yay Bike Women's Forum Meeting!

"Women in the United States bike far less than men; we represent a huge potential area of growth for bicycling. To tap this potential, Yay Bikes! will host four conversational forums for women cyclists and wanna-be cyclists in 2010. At these events we’ll gather data on what cycling means to us, how we experience cycling in Columbus, and what our vision is for cycling in this city. This information will be used to develop a women’s cycling agenda with specific outcomes to be pursued in 2011." (Source:

What does this mean for us, ladies? It is simply an experienced organization recognizing our potential to impact the cycling community. Together, we can work together to form ideas on how to improve our cycling experiences in Columbus, on all fronts. I encourage you to come out and support the organization, offer your insights, and get involved. I will be in attendance as well and look forward to meeting you, hearing your thoughts, and seeing where we can go from here.

JOIN US- THIS SUNDAY, Feb 28, 2-5p

Monday, February 15, 2010

Join Us:

More cushin' for the pushin'

Hello again ladies,

We may be headed towards another Ice Age quicker than expected, but there have been plenty of you in the shop recently, keeping the faith of an approaching spring. As you come in to work with us, we love answering your questions, but there are some things you would rather not ask. No worries, we've been there :) So, this post will consist of efforts to alleviate saddle discomfort, a small chip off the ol' block if you will. Amen sister! There are options!

It's true, we all have wider hips, (not to mention significantly greater brain mass and second-to-none multitasking ability)... ok, ok, well you catch my drift. Most of you know what I am talking about - that pain after 30 miles that creeps up on you like Patrick Swayze in Ghost, leaves you pumping out of your saddle for 20 minutes, or sometimes is the reason for the Nascar-like pit stops after a couple hours (Go Danika!) just to get off your bike and stretch, but more importantly, that discomfort, which like the Energizer bunny, keeps going and going, for the duration of your ride, AND a few days to follow. So, what do we do? Try understanding more of what you should do, compare, and then make slight changes to get more comfortable. Brace yourself, it could be a long process..

Every woman is different (ALL PERFECT), but there are many women out there with narrower hip bones. To determine where your sit bones are, sit on a low curb. When you pop'a'squat on the curb, you will be able to feel your sit bones. This is what you want supported by your bike saddle.. no more, no less. With a saddle that's too narrow, a lady can find herself effectively straddling it with her hip bones, or slipping off of one side and pinching nerves, which may eventually cause the legs or feet to go numb. A saddle that's too wide will also cause problems. Also, stay away from saddles that have gel padding as tall as the Eiffel Tower. Gel is not necessarily the best for road saddles, as they are designed for different sorts of riding. Finding a saddle with slightly wider dimensions than your sit bones are typically received the best.

When is comes to orienting the saddle, some women prefer to lower the nose of the saddle just slightly to relieve pressure from the area of soft tissue. Be careful not to lower the nose too much, as this may lead to shifting more weight to the front of the bike, which increases pressure on your wrists and arms, causing a potential for lower lumbar pain, and upper body numbness. However, most commonly you will find saddles in a position almost level with the ground. Make a few changes and dial this in, as it really comes down to preference.

Terry, as mentioned previously, is a pioneer in women's bikes and saddles, and has made several different saddles over the years. Their Butterfly saddles are of the most acclaimed. Terry has a 30 day money back guarantee, so you can actually try a saddle on real rides, risk free. They are producing a large variety of saddles now for both men and women, with and without gel, in a variety of widths. If you're in the market for a saddle, come on in, and we will help with this problem with a simple goal in mind- to get you comfortable, and riding more!

Check out some great information @

As always, if you have any questions, or need any clarification...

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

"Love life and it will love you back."

Certainly, many of you have been in our stores... and if not, you should make stopping in a priority :) Why? Because roll: has established a unparalled precedent for women's apparel and accessories by developing relationships with outstanding companies and brands that have comparable values to our own. Even better, these companies have a past. They have a story. They have their own definition of fitness, and how it is involved in our lives. Lets face it. Women could do it all if they had to (HELLO Octomom!). So, what is better than apparel that is made for all of the conditions we face? Technical, yet practical; Trendy, but comfortable; Bold, yet beautiful. It is from these desires that the selection of the roll: Women's apparel selection hails from. So come on ladies, whether you're looking for apparel that fits your everyday needs, or something more technical, we have it all. And we're not going to stop there. To offer our customers the best of selection to accommodate these needs is of our highest priority. So as always, more to come. Let me know what you think of our selections. Love it? Hate it? Want it? Email me at! Thanks!

Lole: Live Out Loud Everyday.
"We understand the active woman. We know she loves the outdoors and communing with nature. Working out, to her really menas playing outside. Exercising is a daily delight for herself and her family. It’s how she expresses her individuality, her passion for a full life, lived out loud. The clothes she wears reflect all that it means to be her."

prAna for Women

"Nature has guided prAna since the very start, with its abundance of color, materials and energy along with endless inspiration to make products that can be well worn and, more importantly, well lived in. Whether in our sports, our travels or in our yoga practice, the adventure has never failed to make us many wonderful friends and memories. For these incredible generosities, we are grateful and hope to give back something in return."

Terry Precision

"We want women to have fun cycling. That's it, in a nutshell. Consequently we make things that fit better, look better, perform better and make for happier riding occasions."

Pearl Izumi

"The name Pearl Izumi is derived from the gem "pearl" and an area of Japan known for its clear water "Izumi." Literally translated, our name means, "fountain of pearls.'"

Finally, a way to achieve more comfort while riding, not to mention looking good doing it!

Friday, January 22, 2010

A simple answer to a timeless question..

This may be the easiest process you ever experience. Far easier in comparison to a tire rotation, oil change, appliance search, or shopping for school supplies. Trust me, all the work has already been done. When it comes to looking for a chick bike, it doesn't have to be difficult. After all, if the shoe fits - wear it.

That's right.. you've all heard it, but what actually comes together to compose a ride specific to our geometry? Well, besides the commonly thought lower top tube, and all of those pastel Easter Bunny colors (Bedazzle whatever you'd like ladies!) Is it simply a marketing ploy? For Giant, it is simply a mission. It is a dedication to realize the differences between women and men. It is a painstaking effort to address these issues to make riding more comfortable, and to do so from all angles. So, what is behind Giant's 5 point address to women specific issues? What does Giant do differently?

"Giant provides bikes specifically for the particular needs of women. And not from a physiological standpoint. We try to fully understand the individual rider. We think about how women interact with our products from a variety of perspectives, including visual impact, emotional response, and the feel underneath." -Giant Bicycles

Giant focuses on the Geometry, Styling, Sizing, Components, and Construction to ensure the quality and approval, to and from, their most appreciative customers. These differences are milestones for the bicycle market, let alone standards for everyone else in the industry. This is the one time in your life when being a woman is, well, simple.

Come in, put faith in us. I'd love to get on a bike with you and see your face when you feel the difference. Combined with the Giant 5 Point System and the roll: Perfect Fit, you'll be more than prepared for the upcoming spring. Give it a shot, register for your FREE fit consultation @

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Here, Here! Finally a blog dedicated to the ladies - all of us! Being in the shop year round, we see you, talk to you, and listen to you. We all enjoy riding for different reasons- great rec. time with the kids, a way to stay healthy, a time to chat, and for some of us (Laura), a time for us to act as if we were center stage, and a backup to the one, and ONLY, Celine Dion. Whatever the reason may be, we share the same passion. We love the feeling of that two-wheeled escape that doesn't talk back, listens well, and doesn't leave the toilet seat up :) As a Sales Manager at the Polaris location, I love speaking with all of you, hearing your stories, and watching you become involved. Now, I believe we can all benefit by promoting an avenue to expand on these leads, earn more from our investments, and believe in ourselves again. I believe cycling has the ability to transform our lives. To me; It is more than a single revolution, cadence, or distance. It is more than a pound here and there. It is about the consistent battles that all of us are faced with at one point in our lives. It is about establishing friendships and relationships that are based off of common interest. It is a little blue sky, the crisp wind against your face, the rhythm of the ride, and a quick diversion of reality back to the good 'ole days. It is about laughter, excitement, and motivation. For me, it is about making this experience apparent to people, helping to believe in themselves, each other, and the goals that we can achieve together! With that said, if you have any questions, comments, areas of interest - please don't hesitate to come in and chat, or email me at :) Other than that, continue to check back and see our progress!