Sunday, October 10, 2010

And We're Back!

Miss us? It's been far too long, but hey who can blame us with a great fall shaping up and Oprah's final season in our midst?! Regardless, we have been BUSY. Last week, we welcomed Jackie Baker, Giant's Women's Retailer Trainer into our stores for our first Giant for Women Clinic this season. Check this out, Jackie grew up riding horses in Ohio, but has been riding and racing mountain bikes since moving to the Rocky Mountains in 1997. She's raced cross country, spent several years racing downhill as a pro, can hold her own on a road bike, and has even dabbled in track and BMX racing. Before joining the Giant team, Jackie was a coach for Bikeskills, and focused on helping women feel more confident on their road and mountain bikes. Jackie's visit was extremely successful and offered ladies a great opportunity to ask questions, learn great riding technique, and walk away with friendships and a sense of the women's community that we are establishing! Thanks to all of you who came to share and contribute to this experience, we will definetly look into incorporating more clinics similar to this! Anything you didn't learn or need some help with particularly? Shoot us an email @! We would love to hear from you!!