Sunday, January 9, 2011

You Da (Wo)Man!

"Hi, all you Roll fans! Lauren at the Polaris store is really enthusiastic about my
upcoming cross-country bike trip with WomanTours. We leave from San Diego on March
4 and arrive in St. Augustine on April 28th. We decided to travel with WomanTours after doing their trips to Moab, Utah and Pennsylvania Dutch Country. The folks at
WomanTours have been top-notch in every way - planning, answering questions, scenic
routes to ride, comforts of every sort, and a way to make marvelous new friends. I would recommend their company to anyone. And... thanks to Lauren for helping me get ready to ride!" -Marge Galloway

Name: Marge Galloway

Hometown: Cleveland, OH

Current City: Westerville, OH

How long ya been in the saddle?
I bought a hybrid in 1997 and rode a moderate amount for a few years. In 2006, my friend Katherine asked me to ride 70 miles with her to celebrate her 70th birthday and to raise $70,000 for charity. It seemed like an impossible task but I had a year to train. By that time, it was easy! And she raised $98,000. Over the last three summers, I have ridden over 5000 miles. She and I will be doing the cross-country/southern tier trip with WomanTours this spring.

Favorite Ride: I love the Little Miami Trail where we did the 70-mile ride - but we are blessed with many great bike paths in central Ohio.

Nutrition of Choice: Well, I like vegetables. I am sort of a near-vegetarian. I try to eat healthy and add a little chocolate!

When you're not on 2 wheels, you're ... reading for my two book clubs, singing in my church choir, riding with "SWIFT" - my bike club of Big Walnut friends, visiting people in nursing homes, and spending time with friends and family.

Next goal? Right now, it is to enjoy every minute of the cross-country trip. After that, I want to keep riding both my road bike and my recumbent. I hope that my friend Katherine and I continue to do bike trips with WomanTours.

If you had one wish...
I would wish that everyone could know how good it feels to get more exercise. I sponsor an annual 10K walk at my church to promote good health and to raise money for The Heart of the City Foundation, in the hope that others will increase their level of activity and reap these rewards. (Heart of the City Walk, June 25, 2011 can be found on Facebook.)

Something many don't know about me... I am a TOTAL non-athlete. I was never good at any competitive sport. I ride and I walk because of the incredible exhilaration and good health it gives me. I feel stronger and healthier now, being old enough for Medicare, than I did 30 years ago. I invite everyone to share these benefits! Just pick one activity and do more of it than you are doing now. It is that easy!

Additional Comments: Assuming that you who read this blog are already fairly active, I encourage you to invite someone else to increase her level of activity in 2011! The people at Roll can give you lots of pointers and encouragement.

Below are a few pictures from Marge's tours! Check them out!

Thanks, Marge! Good luck on your trip! Have a great time and take pictures for us! Have a question about WomanTours? Come into roll: and let us help you distinguish and prepare for your next goal! Need help planning a trip? Getting geared up? We're ready for you! Want a Women's specific clinic? Have a particular question that you need an answer to? Email us at!

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